Stem Cell Transplantation

What are Stem Cells?

Blood stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and can become any kind of blood cell the body needs. Stem cells are constantly dividing and maturing into different types of blood cells, replacing older or unhealthy blood cells in the body.

They produce billions of new blood cells every day. If the stem cells cannot make enough new blood cells, many serious health problems can occur. These problems may include infections, anemia or bleeding.

What is Stem Cell Transplantation?


Stem cell transplants are procedures that restore blood-forming stem cells in individuals who have had theirs destroyed by high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy that are used to treat certain cancers.


Blood-forming stem cells are critical because they grow into different types of blood cells. The main types of blood cells are:


  • White blood cells, they form part of your immune system and assist your body fight infection
  • Red blood cells, carry oxygen through your body
  • Platelets, help make your blood clot


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